ZINGA for Towers

ZINGA is great for tower applications!MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

For Towers, Monopoles, Mounts, and all Communication Applications.


What are some of the benefits?:

  • ZINGA is very contractor friendly and also provides benefits to those that lease and own towers!
  • ZINGA is easy to apply via brush, roller, or spray.  The rollers and brushes can even be reused.  Great for ‘touch ups’ and making your old tower look new again!
  • ZINGA provides true cathodic protection along with the ability to recharge hot dip galvanizing.
  • ZINGA offers the highest zinc purity in the world!
  • ZINGA is dry to the touch within 10 minutes and can be handled after just 60 minutes.  It can be re-coated after just 60 minutesa HUGE time savings!
  • ZINGA can be applied in up to 95% relative humidity, and between temperatures of 5 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • ZINGA is one component and has NO shelf or pot life.

Hear from some of our happy tower customers:

“Our towers are coastal and new hot dip galvanized would not even last 3 years here. We have tried everything and nothing has compared to the protection that ZINGA gave us!

“We thought multiple applications of field paint was the only answer, now with ZINGA we’ll have no more maintenance costs for at least 40 years!! That represents thousands of dollars saved!!”

“The refurbishment proper of our tower’s surface protection is part of our long term refurbishment program and Transend will be looking to refurbish up to 100 towers this summer. Transend has approximately 6,500 steel lattice structures throughout the state. It is planned to continue at a similar or greater rate into the years to come depending on our tower condition analysis results and as opportunities permit.  Tower refurbishment will extend the life of our towers and as discussed, we may be in a position to re-value some of assets on the basis of an extension to their life span.  We appreciate the attention you have given over the years to convincing our people of the advantages of ZINGA and look forward to working with you in the future.”