ZINGA for galvanizing towers!

Many types of towers have been given extended life by application of ZINGA!

The quality, ease of application (especially on old hot-dipped ones) and maintenance have made ZINGA the favorite choice to protect these structures!


Crown Castle – Multiple Locations, USACrown Castle Logo
Zinga is first on the list of approved by Crown Engineering cold galvanizing compounds.ZINGA vs ZRC
96% Zinc by DFT!
Drying Time:
– To Touch <10mins
– To Top Coat in 1 Hour
– To Cure in 8 Hours



Nexrad Tower – Oklahoma, USANexRad Tower - US
“In the first half of 2009, this 10m high Nexrad tower was completely treated with ZINGA to reload the old hot-dip.  The tower was located on the Altus Air Force Base CR EW183 in Frederick, Oklahoma.”

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US-AR-PY-Nexrad tower-EN



Energex Towers – Woongoolba, AustraliaEnergex Pylons Australia
“Re-coating of 4 Energex Towers with the ZINGA stand alone system in June 2007.  Surface preparation was done by Zintec Corrosion solution and the application by Temco.  Very easy application, it took only two days for one tower.”

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Bakcell Communication Tower – Azerbaijan, IsraelBakcell Communication TowerBakcell TowerBakcell Tower
“ZINGA applications on mobile communication tower for a joint Azerbaijan-Israel company “Bakcell”.The application was performed by Azerbaijan Company “Azgur”, one of the largest manufacturer of special metal structures and installations.”

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AZ-PY-TE-Bakcell Communication Tower-EN-Extra


Canton TV Tower – Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou TV Tower 1“Guangzhou TV Tower (Canton Tower) is a 610m high lattice telecommunication tower built in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.  The tower is built up out of 24 tubular pipes each measuring 2 meters in diameter and 10 meters in length. Total tonnage of steel to be used is approximately 50.000 tons.  ZINGA was applied on the welds of the piles (approximately 10,000 m²).”

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Chongqing Braodcasting Company

Chongqing Broadcasting Tower – Chongqing, China
“ZINGA was applied on top of hot-dip galvanized steel. The hot-dip galvanizing layer was new but due to its bad quality, it had already started to rust. It was roughened by means of a chemical etching product.”

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Transmission Towers CN-HD-PY-Chong Broad-EN




Transmission Tower - Taiwan

Formosa Plastics Transmission Tower – Taipel, Taiwan
“We used ZINGA on the 150′ high transmission tower which is located on the tidal site really being a very aggressive environment.  We were only able to apply 2 layers of ZINGA by brush on the job site one year ago.  Its unique anti-corrosion property could be compared to hot dip galvanization.  The customers said that it can not be pealed off even ‘hitted’ by a hammer and till now no maintenance has been necessary.”

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Transmission Towers TW-EL-HD-PY-TE-Formosa-EN