ZINGA for galvanizing stadiums!

ZINGA protects the metal against rust in two ways:
1) an active, cathodic, galvanic protection 
2) a passive barrier protection

Below are some  unique applications of ZINGA!


Birds Nest China Finished

Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium – China
ZINGA was used on special critical areas (such as complex joints, gutters, and ETFE membrane mounted sections) of the Bird’s Nest steel structure which could not be metallised (spray zinc) after welding.”

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Grand Theatre Beijing 1 - China

National Grand Theatre Beijing – China
“In the entrance hall the visitors are surrounded by an enormous aquarium.  ZINGA was used to treat the under water structures.”

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CN-AM-MA-Theatre Beijing-EN


Ohene Djan Stadium - Ghana

Ohene Djan Sport Stadium – Ghana
“The rehabilitation of the light mast structures of the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium started on 12th March 2007. The actual surface preparation and ZINGA application works started on 25th March, 2007.”

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Patil Sports Stadium - India

Patil Sports Stadium – India
“A unique feature of the stadium is the cantilever roof which eliminates the need for any supports thus providing the spectators with an unobstructed view of the match from any place within the stand.  ZINGA was used on all the steel trusses for corrosion protection.”

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IN-CO-Dr DY Patil Sports Stadium-EN