ZINGA for galvanizing bridges!

Many types of bridges have been given extended life by application of ZINGA.

Steel bridge girders have been treated and thus protected against corrosion.

 Concrete bridges have been strengthened by treating the rebars within them.


Biloxi Bridge – Mississippi, USABiloxi Bridge
“For the refurbishment of the Bascul Bay Bridge in Biloxi, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has chosen for ZINGA, taking into account the corrosion control research of the US Army.”

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US-AR-BR-TE-Biloxi Bridge Mississippi-EN


Burdekin River Bridge – AustraliaBurdekin River Bridge 1 - Australia
“ZINGA has been used since 2005 for patch repair.”

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AU-BR-Burdekin River Bridge-EN




Molisson Street Bridge – AustraliaMOLISSON STREET BRIDGE
“The ZINGA Coating system used on this bridge will provide exceptional long term protection for this Heritage structure, including excellent UV resistance and weathering properties.”

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AU-BR-Molisson Street Bridge-EN



Queensland Railway Bridge – AustraliaQR Railway Bridge
“Queensland Railway Bridge has specified and used ZINGA since 2001.”

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AU-BR-RW-QR Railway Bridges-EN



Quesnell Bridge – Edmonton, Canada
Quensell Bridge “ZINGA was used on the beams that support the lateral extension of the bridge and the hand rails on top of the bridge.”

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CA-BR-Dr Quesnell Bridge Edmonton-EN


Sierkierkowski Bridge

Sierkierkowski Bridge – Poland
“1,322 Kg of ZINGA were used to protect this magnificent bridge against corrosion.”

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PL-BR-CR-Sierkierkowski Bridge-EN




Rebars Treated with ZingaHangzhou Bay Bridge – China
“In May 2005, ZINGA was applied on the rebars used for this project.  A supplementary extension to the project (emergency platform) prescribes ZINGA on the entire construction.”

Download the complete reference:
CN-BR-RE-Hangzhou Bay-EN