PU Tarfree MIO ( magnetic iron oxide particles ) is a moisture curing one pack polyurethane paint.

It is ideally suited for applications such as boat hulls and Zingatarfree_1lelectrical pylon legs ( keeps out local ground water and stray electrical currents ).  It has extremely high resistance to salts, especially chlorides, and water penetration.  PU Tarfree MIO cures to a matte black finish.

  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent electrical resistance
  • Ideal for structures immersed in seawater
  • Ideal for structures immersed underground

PU Tarfree MIO is available as follows:

PU Tarfree MIO Sizes:
1 liter ( .26 gallon )
4 liter ( 1.05 gallon )

Download the PU Tarfree MIO technical data sheet:
TDS Zingatarfree EN 2